Handover of Coin Complete, Pre-Mine Burn

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Handover of Coin Complete, Pre-Mine Burn

Post by Poppityscoop » Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:23 pm

We want to let you all know of a few important developments.

Firstly, the team has taken over ownership of the pre-mine wallet, dinerocoin.org and .net domains, AWS and DigitalOcean accounts, all social media and forum accounts, etc. The handover of the coin is for all intents and purposes complete.

Secondly, regarding the pre-mine, it will be burned. All of it. Of the original 2,000,000, about 200,000 was spent prior to our having gained control. Some of it was sent to team members, some was used to pay server hosting fees, some for exchange listings, some for seed nodes... Our accounting of the used pre-mine funds will all be published. We will recover what we can and raise funds for the rest until we have 2,000,000 in the pre-mine wallet. Once we reach exactly 2,000,000 we'll burn the funds, settling the fate of the pre-mine forever. The pre-mine wallet is here: https://insights.dinerocoin.org/insight ... Byzd5R9F31

If you would like to contribute DIN towards getting 2,000,000 back in the pre-mine wallet, please send DIN to DP4c4soweVPAGbBSFHi1gq5YByzd5R9F31. Check the address beforehand to make sure we haven't reached 2,000,000 yet.

Our volunteer army continues kicking ass and big things are coming for Dinero. Scroll up for the sign up sheet if you'd like to join. Coming soon will be details on the first planned use-case that will create real-world demand for Dinero and keeps us in line with the mission statement in our whitepaper.